Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Not a diet - a lifestyle change.

So this is a really hard thing for me to do - basically letting you all in on some of my personal information. It's embarrassing. I'm not proud of what I've allowed myself to do to my body over the years, but its all about to change. I want to be healthy for many reasons and over the next several posts, I'm going to be sharing these things with you all. This blog isn't meant for negativity or for me to be made fun of. If you want to do that, please keep it to yourself. This is meant for encouragement, motivation, and just to share things I figure out along the way. I'm definitely open for suggestions. I know there are people that are a lot healthier than me, so don't hesitate to help for sure! Today is just the first blog and I'm having to do it on my phone because the website isn't working. I will try to post pictures and other information later! Thanks y'all!